Intermedia technician. I graduated in Science of Arts and Culture at Università degli Studi, Milan and in Photography as high specialized technician at Civica Scuola di Cinema Luchino Visconti, Milan.

My skills range from creating interactive scene environments, using various motion transducers and other transducers for physical parameters of the performers, to creating visual content and developing prototype machines and software for the scene.

My artistic research focus on creating a dialogue between different languages, especially from theatre and visual arts. Technology is nothing if it is not integrated into the dramaturgy and the ritual that takes place between the performance and the audience.

I work with several theatre companies, artists, musicians and audiovisual production houses in Milan. I teach a course of "New Media for Performing Arts" at Scuola Civica Paolo Grassi in Milan.

I'm part of the collective Kokoschka Revival based in Milan since 2014. I am technical director and proudly part of the Teatro della Contraddizione, the last surviving research theatre in Milan.